Firefox Braais

Deluxe Charcoal 


The Deluxe range features a charcoal tray, stainless steel grill, poker tool and built-in light fitting, a charcoal starter, upper and lower door, potjie hook, mild steel warming tray and separate ash tray.


Size : 1200 or 1500

It is based on the Deluxe braais with an addition, a motor box, heavy duty 220v electrical motor, spit and skewers. The motor is capable of handling carcass weights up to 25kg


Size : 1200 or 1500

Spit Braai

Multibraai make a built-in combination braai. These incorporate their No.1 gas grill, allowing easy cooking for those nights that you do not have time to light a charcoal braai; as well as a charcoal cooking section for that enhanced charcoal taste and atmosphere.


Size : 1200 or 1500

Combo Braai 

This unit is new to our range and has the concept that the mild steel braai box will equally well take a gas grill or charcoal option

Spit and Motor can be added as an extra option.


The benefits to the developer/builder are that the braai box can be built in as standard on a development, and the choice of cooking method be chosen by the new home owner when they purchase


Size : 700,1000 and 1200

Multifunction Braais

1200 Built In Gas Braai

Counter Top Gas Unit

Drop In Gas Unit

Steel Frame & Doors

Units are available with the braai box and inners made in mild steel.


Alternatively the frame and doorscan be made in 304 stainless steel. This gives a great visual effect and enhanced durability for a small premium in price.


Have the braai box, inners, doors and frame made completely in 304 stainless steel - brilliant for coastal applications or for where the client wants greater durability or enhanced looks

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