Flued Gas Units

Our fires are designed to look as realistic as possible in terms of simulating a real coal or log fire burning. However, in creating this effect they produce a fair amount of carbon monoxide/dioxide which needs to be vented up a chimney.


Generally speaking some 60% of the potential heat from our flued gas fires is lost up the chimney. This is balanced with a zero fume dispersion into the room. This means that our flued gas fires are completely odourless and are the right choice for bedrooms, small rooms or where people are asthmatic.


The construction of our flued unit ensures the most natural looking flame pattern in a non wood burning fire.


Choice of standard frame orany of the optional frames:Deluxe,Extra Wide or Wraparound avaibale in Black or Stainless Steel.




Deluxe Stainless 


Standard Black

Extra Wide 

Stainless Steel