Jotul Freestanding

The Jotul product line represents a functional, modern design, it is innovative, yet can stand the test of time.

At Jotul, we are convinced that form follows function and that good design is more than immediately meets the eye.

As a testament to this we are proud to say that several of our products have received recognised design awards.

gallery/f 305 black base product_400h
gallery/f305 legs
gallery/f163 black room_400h
gallery/f162 black room_400h

Jotul F305B - 10Kw Black

R 33 950

Jotul F163 - 8Kw Black

R 31 945

Jotul F305L - 10Kw Black

R 31 750

Jotul F162 - 8Kw Black

R 26 475

gallery/f3 mf product_300h
gallery/f3t d bp prod 01_294x300
gallery/f8 td product_300
gallery/f 400 bp prod 02_300

Jotul F3MF - 9Kw Black

R 19 995

Jotul F3TD- 10Kw Black

R 17 495

Jotul F8TD - 11Kw Black

R 22 950

Jotul F400 - 11Kw Black

R 29 995