Scan Built In

Denmark has a rich heritage, which Scan is part of. We exclusively use Danish designers to create our stoves thus ensuring totality and the right expression. Consequently, you can always recognise Scan by the clean lines, which are typical of a good Danish design.


We also have a tradition of setting new standards and our designers approach every challenge with the aim of creating something new. This has meant that Scan has constantly gained international recognition and we have won several design awards for our workmanship.

gallery/scan dsa 3-2 product photo_300h

Scan DSA3-2 - 8Kw 

R 23 950

gallery/scan 3-5 product photo_300h

Scan DSA3-2 - 8Kw 

R 23 450

gallery/1001 prod 04_300

Scan 1002 - 8Kw 

R 33 950

gallery/scan 1002 white product_300

Scan 1002 - 8Kw White

R 38 500