Wood Stoves

The ever increasing price of electricity has pushed the cost of heating a home by electricity to unsustainable levels. This coupled with increasing awareness of the importance of preserving the environment, has led to a demand for a cost effective way of heating homes, that is environmentally aware. Wood stoves have been used in Europe for the last 150 years as a much more efficient source of heat. These remarkable units are designed to burn wood slowly, with minimal emissions into the atmosphere and lots of heat.


When buying wood in bulk (Typically 1 ton loads) these units will provide heat at about 25c per kwhr, one quarter the price of electricity & one seventh the price of Flueless gas appliances.


gallery/13kw built in convection_575b
gallery/double sided landscape -59b_575
gallery/13kw convection box c.w wood stand_402

8KW with Storage Table

R 24 610.00 

8KW Cube look 

R 19 165.00

8KW Leg look

R 19 165.00 

13KW Cube look 

R 24 365.00

13KW Black legs

R 24 365.00 

13KW Steel Legs

R 30 580.00

13KW with Storage Box

R 27 305.00 

14KW Double Sided 

R 37 740.00

Sng Sided Insert 

DBL Sided Insert 

           Unit                                  Heat(Kw)                                    Heat (m3)

Single Sided Insert                         8kw                                                320                      R 21 260.00

                                                      10kw                                               410                      R 22 560.00

                                                      13Kw                                               520                      R 24 365.00

                                                      18Kw                                               720                      R 32 945.00


Double Sided Insert                      14kw                                                560                     R 29 910.00

                                                      18Kw                                               720                     R 36 245.00