Multifunction Braais

On all our built in braais, we offer the client the choice of the firebox, frame, door and inners being made in the following materials, sizes and options

  • Mild Steel firebox, frame, door and inners (painted black)

  •  Mild steel firebox and Inners (painted black) with a 304 Stainless Steel frame and front door

  •  304 St Steel firebox, frame, door and inners

  •  3Cr12 firebox, frame, door and inners (painted black)
  •  3Cr12 firebox and inners (painted black) with a 304 Stainless Steel frame and front door

  • 700, 1000, 1200 and 1500

  • Charcoal/Wood, Gas or Combo Braai

Optional Extras


  • Fits into the Spit Motor Housing(s) included on each braai box.


  • Capable of rotisserie cooking 2 pieces of meat weighing in total up to 5 kg. It is good practice to centralise the meat as best as possible on the shaft to minimise motor wear and retain meat shape.


  • Enables the easy cooking of slower cooking meats such as chicken flatties, wors and chops.


  • Can hold up to 4 pieces of meat weighing up to a total of 5 kg, for easy cooking.


  • Available in small or large sizes, these come c/w egg rings. Great for doing breakfasts, stir-fries, fish & prawns.


  • Available in 460 mm or 910 mm sizes. These Warming Grids can easily clip into the braai above the cooking surface. Great for keeping cooked meat warm or warming bread.

Braai Combos

Table Braais

Gas Braais

All our gas grills come standard with:

  • Lid, that covers the grill when not in use. On our Counter Top and Drop In units, the lid is hinged to provide a splash-back whilst cooking
  • Low fat cooking system
  • H shaped burners for high heat output
  • Continuous Spark Ignition System for easy lighting

Optional features on counter top & drop in grills

  • Roasting Domes to fit our No 2 & 3 grills to decrease cooking time on normal braaing and to enable the grill to rotisserie, roast or slow cook meat, or to smoke food
  • Oven fitted under the grill to increase cooking options
  • Flat Braai Plates for frying food
  • Stainless Steel Cupboard doors to close space under the Grill

Steel Frame & Doors

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